Deliver your digital strategy

A single future-proof Identity and Access Management solution for your digital estate that offers choice and control​

Deliver your digital strategy

Empower your users

Streamline your governance

Secure your organisation

Invest wisely

Partner confidently

Simplify your service management and maintain your innovation capacity​

A fully managed service that offers endless extensibility​​

Keeping on top of technology is costly. It can also divert resources from supporting the core business. That’s why many organisations are migrating to managed service providers.​

But some organisations are reluctant to switch because managed services are often “80 percent solutions”, only able to meet the most common requirements. This makes it harder to innovate, eroding the organisation’s competitiveness.​

Able+ is a highly extensible platform that can adapt to your organisation’s landscape. This means it can also deliver against the remaining “20 percent” that is unique to your organisation. This allows you to keep innovating.​

Able+ gives you the benefits of a managed service, without losing your edge.​

Align your IAM solution with your infrastructure strategy​​

Choose between public cloud, hybrid or private hosting​

The choice and mix of infrastructure – public cloud, private, or hybrid – is a key part of an organisation’s digital strategy.​

But every organisation is different. And so it’s no surprise that they often take divergent approaches to their infrastructure strategy. Not only that, the infrastructure landscape is constantly changing: what is appropriate today may require changing tomorrow.​

Able+ is independent of the underlying choice of infrastructure. It will align to your organisation’s infrastructure strategy, and not dictate it. It can switch between different types of infrastructure and even operate across a mix of infrastructure. This enables it to align with your infrastructure strategy as it evolves over time.​

Able+ gives you complete choice of infrastructure, today and tomorrow.​

Migrate from legacy IAM systems easily and efficiently​

A modular architecture that scales transparently​​

All organisations will already have an IAM solution. These are often deeply embedded within the organisation’s digital architecture, with interdependencies that can be difficult to unpick. As a result, migrating to another IAM solution can be a major project.​

This creates resistance to change, and so the existing IAM solution persists beyond its useful lifetime. It eventually becomes an obstacle to other improvements across the digital estate, creating drag for the wider business.​

Able+ overcomes this resistance by allowing its functionality to be tailored to your existing architecture. Its micro-services architecture allows features to be enabled when needed; and then scaled seamlessly to meet demand. ​

Able+ delivers the capability and capacity you need, when you need it.​

Integrate almost any application

Support for standard and proprietary authentication technologies​

You rarely have the luxury of choosing the applications you’re expected to support. Some will be legacy applications that are indispensable to the organisation. And other parts of the business may also be procuring new applications.​

Your procurement processes may require that applications are compatible with your IAM solution. But this can restrict choice for your users. Alternatively, users may unintentionally choose an incompatible application. It’s possible that this can be fixed through development, but this would incur new unbudgeted costs. ​

Able+ supports all the technologies that you’d expect from a modern IAM solution. And thanks to its extensibility, you can align your IAM solution to almost any proprietary technology.​

Able+ gives your users more choice, without creating more complexity.​

Empower your developers

An API-centric architecture

The needs of your organisation are unique, but your budget is limited. You want the cost efficiencies of an off-the-shelf IAM solution; but you also like the control that comes with an in-house solution.​

The decision to “build or buy” can be challenging. Key decision factors, such as your budget or the products available on the market, vary over time. And once you’ve committed to a direction, it can be difficult to change course.​

Able+ is API-centric by design, thanks to its modern, micro-services architecture. This gives you programmatic access to the platform, so that your developers can easily extend the solution. This gives you the option to “buy” and then “build” where needed to innovate.​

Able+ means that you don’t need to compromise on either cost or control.​

Leverage your brand to enhance the user experience

A customisable user interface

Organisations source their applications from a multitude of providers. Providers often allow some customisation of the user experience, but this can be limited.​

As a result, users can experience inconsistencies between applications. This can tarnish the user journey by drawing attention to the seams across the organisation’s provision. Given the heightened awareness of security, this can erode user trust. This is a critical issue for an IAM solution, where users are regularly required to engage in security-sensitive operations.​

Able+ is designed using the latest web standards. This enables you to benefit from the investments that your organisation has made in establishing its brand.​

Able+ gives you control of the user experience.

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