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Empower your users

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Easy to use for all your users​​​

Designed to be highly intuitive

An organisation’s IAM solution is one of the cornerstones of its digital architecture, having touchpoints across the business. As the gateway to your users’ services, from the CEO downwards, it’s also very visible.​

It’s therefore essential that an IAM solution is easily accessible for everyone, whatever their role. Otherwise it can become perceived as an obstacle to business, and not an enabler.​

Able+ is designed with a relentless focus on the user experience. We subject every product feature to rigorous UX/UI testing during development, ensuring that it is intuitive for every type of user.​

Able+ helps you deliver a great user experience of your digital estate.​

Provide users with secure single sign-on to their applications

Support for single sign-on and multifactor authentication​

Most digital services require user authentication. There can be many business drivers for this: to enhance security; monitor usage; customise the user experience; adhere to licensing conditions; or facilitate regulatory compliance.​

As a result, the business can suffer if authentication isn’t user friendly or secure.​

Able+ make authentication easy thanks to single sign-on. This means a user only needs to authenticate once to access all their services. When needed, multi-factor authentication can be used to provide a high level of security. Able+ supports all of the standard single sign-on technologies; and because its extensible Able+ can be adapted to support other proprietary authentication technologies.​

Able+ makes it easy for your users to authenticate to their services.​

Help users to discover their entitlements and request access​

A user dashboard

Users can’t access a service if they don’t know it’s there. It’s an obvious problem, but also surprisingly hard to fix. Do you know all the services that you’re eligible to use? Would you know how to find out?​

This lack of awareness creates costs. The business is paying for services that aren’t being used. Users are missing opportunities to do their jobs better. And it’s a moving target, because your service portfolio, and users’ entitlements, are regularly changing.​

Able+ helps by drawing users’ attention to the services they’re entitled to. Once they sign in, users have the option to see them on their dashboard and request access. Because it’s generated dynamically from user’s entitlements, its always up-to-date. And it can also be curated administratively, if that’s needed.​

Able+ helps the business and your users get the most from their access.

Leverage users’ existing social and enterprise identities for B2C and B2B​​​

Federate authentication from authorised, third-party identity providers​​

Organisations usually want to be responsible for authenticating their users. This provides control of this sensitive process.​

But sometimes it make sense to use a third-party identity provider, such as a social platform or a business partner. This is a common scenario for loosely affiliated users, such as customers and contractors. It reduces the cost of provision to the organisation and users appreciate having one less password.​

Able+ supports these scenarios using B2B and B2C identity federation. We call this combined capability B2X federation. It’s built into the platform, and so these federated identities can be managed as a locally managed identity.​

Able+ lets you and your users benefit from their existing digital identities.​

Accessible from the devices your users want to use​​​

Renders appropriately for all common devices

In today’s world of inexpensive, consumer-orientated devices, you often can’t mandate your end users’ devices. This is now accepted within most organisations’ digital strategies; with some now actively promoting BYOD provision.​

This means that your digital estate needs to accommodate a diverse range of devices. And because your users will often need to authenticate before they can access your applications, it’s critical that your IAM solution works with them.​

Able+ has been designed to render and operate optimally for every form factor. Its use of the latest web standards, and comprehensive testing, will give your users a great experience regardless of their device.​

Able+ lets your users be choosers.​

Reduce the need for user support​​

Extensive self-service capabilities

A digital business depends on its technologies. But no technology is perfect or immune to failure. That’s why an effective IT helpdesk is so important.​

But helpdesks are costly. And that’s not just because they require skilled staff to operate. A user waiting for the helpdesk to respond to a ticket is less able to be do their job. That reduces productivity and increases frustration.​

Able+ is designed with self-service in mind to reduce the number of tickets. This means that users are happier and more productive; and your helpdesk has a lower volume of tickets to process so they can work more strategically.​

Able+ helps you to help your users help themselves.​

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