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Invest wisely

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Reduce the cost of delivery​​​

A cost effective solution​​​

Within many organisations the IAM solution is usually delivered using a number of different products. Each of these products addresses different needs of the organisation’s overall IAM requirement.​

But there is a cost associated with each product, and the orchestration needed to make them interoperate. Taken together, this can be considerable.​

Able+ provides the opportunity to consolidate and remove costly legacy systems. Designed for non-experts, you can reduce expenditure on consultants. And as a managed service you can reassign internal capacity to other activities.​

Able+ helps to reduce your costs while releasing internal capacity.​



Pay for what you need​​

A modular service proposition​​

Many organisations have ambitions to replace their IAM solution. However, they would prefer not to buy a costly solution that exceeds their needs; or to prematurely retire assets that have years of life left.​

As a result, the legacy IAM solution can persist. This can create opportunity costs for the wider business, as other projects are held back.​

Able+ is offered as a modular service proposition. This gives you options when considering what you need to meet your needs today, and what you need tomorrow.​

Able+ helps you reduce your costs and leverage prior investments.​

Budget with certainty

No hidden costs

When setting a budget in today’s uncertain world, you will be concerned about the possibility of new, unexpected costs.​

That risk can be controlled by allocating contingency budgets for your most critical systems. But it’s not an effective use of that money, which might be put to work more productively.​

Able+ is offered with no hidden costs. We strive for transparency and will be clear about our pricing so that you know what you’ll be spending.​

Able+ helps you get the most out of your budget.

Balance your budget

Flexible payment options​​

If you have responsibility for a budget with multiyear commitments, you want to know that your expenditure will fit within your cashflow or funding envelope over that period.​

Sometimes these patterns can be complex or difficult to predict. This makes it hard to balance the budget if your expenditure is out of step.​

Able+ is offered with flexible payment options. This allows for payment models based on CAPEX, OPEX or a hybrid. We’ll try to be as flexible as we can, because your financial success is also ours.​

Able+ helps you avoid spreadsheet hell.

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