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Prevent unauthorised access to enhance security and facilitate GDPR compliance​​​

Tools and controls to manage access to applications​​

Protecting your applications and data is a core goal of your organisation’s security strategy. And key to this is the prevention of unauthorised access.​

But it can be hard to manage access across your digital estate without the right tools. This can lead to administrative shortcuts or errors. It’s why most information security incidents are failures of policy and configuration, and not technology.​

Able+ provides the control you need to manage access consistently and efficiently. It provides a central point of authorisation for your entire digital estate, whatever its scale or complexity. This makes it easier to manage issues that cut across the business, such as GDPR compliance and other regulatory issues.​

Able+ helps secure your organisation by controlling access to your digital estate.​


Reduce the risk of unauthorised access if credentials are stolen​​

Multifactor authentication and detection of suspicious authentication activity​

Most organisations still need to provide their users with passwords.​

But its widely accepted that passwords can lead to security issues. It’s often possible to apply policies to improve security; for example, by requiring complex passwords. But these won’t help if a password is stolen.​

Able+ protects against the theft of passwords in two ways. First, it offers multifactor authentication, so that the password alone is not sufficient. Secondly, it can detect suspicious authentication activity; for example, if a user has authenticated from two distant locations within a short period of time. ​

Able+ provides the tools needed to use passwords more securely.

Enable intelligent and flexible access control​​​​

Apply dynamic, contextual role-based access policies within workflows​

It’s important that an IAM solution can enforce access policies in-line with the organisation’s policies and processes. That’s because an organisation will resist changing its business to accommodate the solution’s limitations.​

Every access policy that an IAM solution can’t implement means creating a special case process. These special cases must then be managed outside the scope of the IAM solution. This increases complexity and reduces the utility of the IAM solution.​

Able+ solves this using its customisable workflows. These make it easy to design access policies aligned with your organisation’s policies and processes, regardless of how your business operates.​

Able+ puts you, and not the IAM solution, in control of your policies.

Comprehensive and highly customisable reporting

Full contextual logging of identity management and access control events​

Accurate and timely information is essential in making relevant and effective business decisions. It’s also critical if you need to identify and respond to potential security threats.​

If you don’t have the right information, you can’t take good decisions. As a decision-maker, that makes it harder for you to advise the business. This is particularly important for security incidents, when a poorly-informed decision could have far-reaching implications.​

Able+ makes it easy to use logging data to support your business decisions. Every identity management and access control event is captured, together with the full context, and available for analysis.​

Able+ gives you the insights you need into the use of your digital estate.​

Dynamically review and audit user privileges

System attestation​​

An IAM solution makes access decisions by applying access policies against a user’s privileges, such as their roles or group memberships.​

But if this information is incorrect the IAM solution may make unintended access decisions, compromising security. For example, this can lead to a user whose role has changed having inappropriate access rights.​

Able+ guards against this through automatic system attestation. It automatically reviews users’ privileges against organisational policies, flagging any inconsistencies for administrative review.​

Able+ gives you the confidence that your users’ actual access privileges comply with your organisation’s access policies.

Ensure the security of your critical systems​

Privileged access management

All organisations have systems whose security are especially critical. This might be because of their importance to its business, such as the finance system; or because of their role in its digital architecture, such as the perimeter firewall.​

The compromise of these systems can have the most serious consequences. And so it’s important that access to these systems is managed with heightened scrutiny.​

Able+ provides privileged access management capabilities that provide additional access controls. For example, you can require multifactor authentication or restrict session length. It enables you to apply and calibrate your ‘defence in depth’ strategies across your digital estate, coherently and consistently.​

Able+ gives you the tools to protect your most essential systems.

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