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Implement IAM governance across your digital estate​​

Workflows that model organisational policies and processes​​

Most organisations want to have a single source of truth for IAM. However, this can be hard to achieve because responsibility for key activities are often dispersed across the business. This creates the need for IAM governance.​

But without the right tools, it can be challenging to implement the IAM governance model within the IAM solution.​

Able+ solves this using workflows. A workflow is simply a logical connection between a source and a consumer of IAM data and configuration. They capture the business logic needed to implement an IAM policy or process. Responsibility for workflows can be delegated to the relevant business units, without compromising central oversight.​

Able+ gives you the tools to govern, not just manage.​

Enable any user to design and manage workflows​​

An easy to use visual workflow editor​

To be effective, an IAM solution needs to faithfully model an organisation’s people, policies and processes.​

But in practice most IAM products need IAM specialists to translate the business’ policies and processes – usually the responsibility of non-specialists – into complex IAM configuration. This is costly and reduces agility, particularly if external consultants are needed.​

Able+ is designed to be accessible for almost any user. Our unique, visual editor means that non-specialists can design and manage workflows, without the need for IAM specialists. And because it’s delivered as a managed service, you can rely on us if a user gets stuck.​

Able+ makes IAM easy for people.

Delegate responsibility for IAM tasks and workflows​

Delegation of IAM administration​

The economist Adam Smith first described the ‘division of labour’ in 1776. This is the idea that business efficiency is improved through specialisation, by allowing people to focus on the activities they’re best at. And its how siloes are formed.​

But IAM is not easily siloed. It requires coordination across the business to ensure that policies and processes are joined up. This works best if the people actually responsible for these are empowered by the IAM solution.​

Able+ provides a highly flexible delegation model. Specific IAM tasks and workflows can be assigned to the relevant people, so that individual responsibilities and the overall governance are aligned within the IAM solution.​

Able+ helps join up the siloes in your business.​

Rapidly provision your users with the access they need

Onboarding and offboarding of users using workflows and templates

For any digital business it’s critical that it can efficiently onboard and offboard your users. And because change is constant, it’s essential that their authorisations are consistent with their entitlements, and not lag behind.​

Every minute that a user lacks the right access reduces their productivity. This costs the business and frustrates the user. It can even compromise the security of your organisation if you’re unable to revoke access promptly.​

Able+ makes onboarding and offboarding simple thanks to its templates and workflows. These can contain all the business logic needed to automatically manage a user’s identity and privileges. And as with any workflow, human intervention can be requested where that’s needed.​

Able+ gives your users the access they’re entitled to, quickly and efficiently. ​

Minimise manual management and intervention​​

Automation of workflows

Your people are your business’ most valuable asset. But they’re probably also its greatest expense. And so you’d prefer they didn’t spend time on routine tasks. You want them to use their talents to improve the business. That’s what they want too.​

Unfortunately transformational change consumes significant resources to plan, let alone implement. But if nothing changes, your productivity will flatline and your competitors will get ahead.​

Able+ is designed to automate wherever possible. This means your people can spend more time improving the business processes underpinning your IAM, rather than mechanically doing them.​

Able+ helps your people transform how you do business.​

Simplify the administration of users having multiple digital identities​​

Persona management for multiple identities​

It’s good practice to have as few user roles within an IAM solution as possible: for example, staff, students and parents for a school. This keeps management and configuration complexity to a minimum.​

However, sometimes a user can have two or more roles within an organisation. This may mean the user having multiple identities. This can be rare but it can have a disproportionate impact because, despite its rarity, it still needs to be accommodated within the IAM solution.​

Able+ solves this using persona management. This allows a user’s identities to be managed as a single digital persona, simplifying management and use.​

Able+ helps you manage complex identity scenarios.​

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